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<TCZ>so this leaf go through whole cond to resume
<TCZ>and then you go out to loop cdr
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<amazigh>did you take into account (caller '()) after the loop inside generate-leaves?
<TCZ>i mean rest-of-tree starts in cond
<TCZ>so tree is the same thing it was returned last time
<TCZ>and its checked second time
<TCZ>but this time there is no call/cc only resume at the end
<TCZ>who even invented this stupid call cc
<amazigh>I added those lines to debug:
<amazigh> (pk 'car-tree (loop (car tree)))
<amazigh> (pk 'cdr-tree (loop (cdr tree))))
<amazigh>(define pk (lambda args (write args) (car (reverse args)))
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<amazigh>not who, how.
<amazigh>how will tell you who he or she was too
<amazigh>anyway, it is late.
<ChoHag>The night has just begun.
<TCZ>Oh i can add loud 'pair?' and 'null?' predicates
<TCZ>but its late right
<ChoHag>Only if you spell them PAIR? and NULL?.
<TCZ>double? and nothing?
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<TCZ>Hmm it seems i was wrong. Leaf is not tested again...
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<tokie>i haven't added (read) support to my scheme yet so a friend ended up using the repl as an input method: https://repl.marwood.io/?gist=975f94137e1ea2ff0ae2dd843313ed07
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