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<wikan>damn gpart is bad as hell
<skered>bad meaning good?
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<wikan>i am configuring but have no idea what names i should use
<wikan>1 is a? 2 is b? 4 is d?
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<nerozero>this is IDs not names
<nerozero>first go to auto mode
<nerozero>than go for manual
<nerozero>basically you can make a single partition for /
<nerozero>and extract all files there and that should work
<nerozero>and do not forget to make swap partition
<nerozero>it should not be very complicated
<wikan>i am doing expert mode
<nerozero>is it your firs time ?
<wikan>man, 20 years under linux, when if not now?
<nerozero>I mean BSD
<nerozero>get used to BSD partitions
<wikan>so i am doing it right now
<wikan>almost done
<wikan>must fix one thing
<wikan>change ufs to swap :D
<nerozero>i have my own install scripts
<wikan>have no idea how
<nerozero>remove partition and add new
<nerozero>> 40 1953525088 ada1 GPT (932G)
<nerozero> 40 1024 1 freebsd-boot (512K)
<nerozero> 1064 984 - free - (492K)
<nerozero> 2048 8388608 2 freebsd-swap (4.0G)
<nerozero> 8390656 1945133056 3 freebsd-zfs (928G)
<nerozero> 1953523712 1416 - free - (708K)
<nerozero>here is sample of mine
<nerozero>but instead of ZFS you need ufs
<wikan>i have to use less command
<wikan>it is so unreadable...
<nerozero>actually for me BSD is way easier then linux
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