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<zstix>/Library/Application\ Support/aerc
<zstix>But it's an empty dir...I'll just start over from scratch
<phoebos>hi, could dependencies be vendored in release tarballs so that I can build aerc from source without an internet connection? (`go mod vendor`)
<zstix>~/Library/Preferences/aerc <-- default config location for macs
<rjarry>phoebos: no, I don't think we want to burden ourselves with this
<rjarry>mpldr: could you send a signed message to me with the latest patch ?
<rjarry>I want to check if that fixes the issue
<mpldr>rjarry: sent
<rjarry>thanks, could you send another one, I read it first with my phone...
<rjarry>mpldr: ^
<phoebos>ok, then i have no interest in packaging aerc
<rjarry>mpldr: thanks, the problem remains
<rjarry>I have no idea why
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<rjarry>phoebos: packaging for what ?
<rjarry>debian packaging already handles this properly
<rjarry>this is completely outside of the scope for aerc itself, this is a go packaging question
<phoebos>i think debian installs required go modules globally, which is annoying since they're not needed after the build
<phoebos>i believe go mod vendor is go's packaging solution
<phoebos>it's for a KISS repo, but since you're just saying no, I've dropped it
<mpldr>you can just set a different go cache directory and clean that up if that's some acceptable way
salkinquit (Quit: salkin)
<rjarry>mpldr: the issue I have with your emails only occurs when they do not have the \Seen flag
<mpldr>what issue do you mean?
<rjarry>could not get section &imap.BodySectionName{BodyPartName:imap.BodyPartName{Specifier:"",
<rjarry>wait, you sent the email without my patch applied on aerc
<rjarry>Content-Type: application/pgp-signature
<rjarry>-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
<rjarry>there is no name="signature.asc"
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